October 2017: What’s New in GoCentral

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Fall into better design

Hey October! We love you wth your changing leaves, shorter nights, and cozy fires in the fireplace. Maybe you’re getting Halloween costumes ready or decorating your house (or website!) with spooky creations. Or tailgating at your favorite football game. (Go <football team>!) We’ve been hard at work, too. And while we did indulge in a few pumpkin spice things here and there (and went apple picking!), we always reserve plenty of time to build the stuff your website craves, like online store reviews, translation, new developments with photos, and more. Read one to get the latest:

Website Builder

Google Translate

You wanted to know why people who didn’t speak your language had to miss out on your website. Well, we couldn’t think of a good reason. So now you can add a Google Translate bar at the top of your published site. Everyone can enjoy your site in the language of their choice. Just think — someone in Turkey, Malaysia, or Peru might end up an American website’s biggest fan.

Photo gallery improvements

We can all agree there’s nothing like a great photo. And as always, we’re constantly tweaking our photo features so managing your prized images is easier than ever.

Now, you can:

  • Remove all images from photo gallery in one click (bye old pictures!)
  • Scroll through your photo gallery using arrows (so much faster!)
  • Edit or remove individual photos (click to select!)

aaaand….gone are the days when you had to type words trial-and-error style to find the term everyone ELSE is using. (How do we even know what everyone else is doing?) Now you can search stock photos using:

  • Plurals (e.g., “cat” & “cats” both work)
  • Inflections (e.g., “swim” & “swimming” both return pictures)
  • Word delimiters (e.g., “make-up” & “makeup” both work)

Just look at the difference. More photos = more fun!

Google Analytics

Ever wonder if there’s an easy way to know how your site is doing? Add Google Analytics to your site and find out who’s clicking your site, where they are, when and what they’re clicking, and more. Your data will tell you what’s hot… and what’s not. Check your stats, tweak your site, and watch your traffic rise. Here’s more about how to add Google Analytics


Automatic GoCentral email banner

Got a GEM account with GoCentral? Now you can grab a matching banner in your GEM image gallery. How pretty…and how easy, too!


New layout for blog RSS widget

For those of you waiting for more blog design choices, wait no more. Now there’s a new blog layout and we know you’re going to love it. Check it out…

Online Store

Ratings & reviews

Nothing makes you look more appealing than a bunch of great reviews. Better yet, your visitors no longer have to hunt for them. Put them front and center and turn your visitors into confident buyers. Shoppers will see your reviews in your product gallery, featured products, and individual product pages. What’s more, your customers can create reviews right in your store without accounts logins or creations.

So whether it’s football, sweaters, Halloween, or these super-cool-looking Rice Krispy-treat pumpkins you’re into, we at GoDaddy wish you a very happy October. And we’ve got everything you need to tune up that website just in time for fall. Just a reminder, we have videos, articles, and award-winning, 24/7 support waiting for you if you need us. We’ll just be over here drinking a pumpkin spice latte with a side of pumpkin. Happy creating, and we’ll see you next month!




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