Offer travel services? Take flight online with a .vacations domain

Find your paradise

It’s a fact — technology has changed the way consumers plan vacations. Thankfully for many small businesses, it hasn’t lessened the need for professional travel services. It’s just moved much of the action online.

Your clients can now do a number of things over the internet. Book a flight. Make hotel reservations. Rent a car. Select the perfect tropical getaway to celebrate a budding romance. Or maybe charter an exoctic cruise through the Arctic Ocean to start something new.

Ah, the possibilities. And your target clients are just waiting to snatch up each option. All it takes is a few clicks.

With billions of websites competing for the same vacation dollars, what’s a small- to medium-sized travel services provider to do?

New .vacations domain offers endless online options for travel services

Help your travel services business jump to the head of the line — online — with a website address ending in the new .vacations domain.

A .vacations domain tells your visitors exactly what your site is about.


At a glance, a .vacations web address will tell would-be vacationers that you offer the travel services they’re seeking. Imagine searching online for travel services and coming across one of these fun names:


A domain name like is precise. It can’t be mistaken for a real estate site promoting a paradisiacal home. And your customers can be confident they won’t find themselves on a website about paradise in the afterlife.

A .vacations website is about vacations. Period. The options are nearly endless (just like the kinds of vacations you might offer)!

Travel Services Vacations Domain

Protect your brand

Chances are, you haven’t seen many .vacations domains promoting travel services — yet. That’s actually great news.

Why? Because this domain extension is so new. This means your travel services small business has a chance to get out in front of the trend. You can snag your company’s .vacation name first, preventing competitors from doing so with the intent to sell it to you — at triple or more of the original registration price.

Talk about safeguarding your brand.

Even if you’ve already got a web address with another domain extension, consider registering a secondary .vacations domain and pointing it to your primary website address to better promote and protect your brand. This can help your business gain greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers.

Search for your .vacations domain

Ready to find the perfect .vacations domain for your travel services business? Get started now.


Bon voyage!

RuthAnn Hogue
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