Using Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Microsoft Office for business toolsIn a world full of small business apps and resources, getting the best all-in-one tool at your fingertips is easier than you think using Microsoft Office 365 for business.

Whether your business has a storefront, service area or operates online, you need to be able to run it with ease from anywhere in the world. Being a multifunctional resource, Office 365 for business helps you grow and manage your business while having the ability to collaborate with your team and communicate with customers instantly.

Not sure how to use Microsoft Office 365 or even what it is?

The resources on this page can help you understand its features and which tools will work best for your needs.

Let’s get started.

Start off by learning all about Office 365 for business and how it can help your company grow. With it you can increase your productivity, communicate in real-time, track business expenses, collaborate in the cloud, perform intuitive searches and so much more.

The name “Office 365” is indicative of the software being current and accessible 365 days a year. Some of its latest tools allow you to store information in the cloud, collaborate with your team, handle appointments, and manage business invoicing and spending.

Office 365 for business also has the tried-and-true cornerstone apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher kept in an up-to-date format. These traditional tools can always be counted on for your professional writing, expert presentations, data tracking and design needs.

Finally, Office 365 professional email is a hallmark tool that connects your company to your customers and associates via smart devices or in the cloud. Staying current with new trends in electronic needs, Microsoft Office 365 professional emails are no longer just for sending and receiving. With cloud-powered email you have many package options to choose from with affordable, compliant and secure features.

One popular package option to choose from when selecting your email package is DocuSign. This allows you to offer a secure resource for document signing to eliminate outdated printing and faxing steps that can delay business productivity. In the healthcare industry? You can also choose a package with the option to produce HIPAA-compliant email with just a few steps.

Whether you are starting a business or just need to get organized and online, we hope these resources for Office 365 for business can help you grow and manage your company with ease.

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