Phoenix Comicon 2016

Show us your #innergeek

We’re all over Twitter this weekend looking for the best pics of Phoenix Comicon, and we’re collecting them here. If your photo is in this list, it means we like your pic. If we really, really like what you’ve posted, we may have something for you, so keep an eye out for a tweet from us. :)

What’s all this, then?

You know that feeling you got when you saw the first Deadpool trailer? Or when you realized episode 7 wasn’t gonna suck? Yeah, that’s me when I come to Phoenix Comicon. Not because I’m a Goku super-fan, and I’m not planning to cosplay as Lex Luther, but because I’m in love with people who create_awesome_stuff; your passion inspires me.

Everybody knows that if you can make money doing things you like, you’re golden. And if you can make money doing things you like, we call you an “entrepreneur,” a “small business owner,” and I know those terms sound a little lame. At GoDaddy, we help people turn their ideas, their passions, their crafts, their wares into successful small businesses, and we’re here at Phoenix Comicon to celebrate that.

We partnered with some of our favorite small businesses (listed below) exhibiting at Phoenix Comicon for giveaways again this year. So, if you came hoping to get your hands on something like a silver and green dragonscale pendant or a Captain America shield or a Werewolves Not Swearwolves shirt, we may have your back.

Exhibiting Partners (small businesses we ♥️)