Put the “pro” in your social media profile image

Make the right impression

Let’s face it, we all judge books by their covers. Whether we’re on LinkedIn or cruising Tinder (no judgment, we’re all friends here), we do the same when looking at social media profile pictures.

There is a lot of information about choosing the right social media profile pic for your personal networking accounts, but you don’t often hear about profile pics for your business. What image should you use for your social media business profiles?

First, let’s remember why a profile pic is so important. When was the last time you went to a company’s Facebook page? If you’re like most Facebook users, you rarely do; instead, you read about companies when they show up in your news feed. Next to a company name in the news feed or accompanying tweets, etc., is the company’s profile picture. Your business profile pic is really what users see and engage with, so you need to make it count.

Business profile pic do’s

Do use your logo. Use your logo image for consistent branding. If you don’t have a logo consider using an image of your product or another highly relevant image. While that sunset photo from your Hawaiian vacation is beautiful, it isn’t relevant to your plumbing business. The photo of your office building is relevant to your business, but to the rest of us, it looks like every other office building and therefore isn’t ideal for your profile pic.

Do pay attention to sizing guidelines. Every social platform has its own sizing guidelines, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work here. Creating the image in the specific size required by the site ensures it won’t end up cropped in a weird way.

Do keep it clear and crisp. Make sure the image you select for your profile pic is a high-quality one for a clear and crisp result.

Check out KLM’s Facebook profile pic. It’s clear and easy to read even when very small.


Business profile pic don’ts

Don’t use an image of yourself. An exception is if you are your business’s brand (i.e. a real estate agent). If you do go this route, keep it professional. Save the headshot you cropped out of the group pub crawl photo for your personal Facebook account.

Don’t use a cartoon or avatar (unless it is in your actual logo). Who doesn’t love creating their own South Park character, right? (I’ll share the link, but don’t click if you have anything pressing to do in the next couple of hours.) Have a blast making avatars; just keep them on your personal profile.

Don’t use text. Remember how small a profile pic shows up next to Facebook comments, tweets, etc. It is next to impossible to read text in that tiny format.

Don’t change your business profile pic regularly. Yes, you read that right. You want people to instantly recognize your social media profile pic, and changing it frequently can mean losing valuable impressions.

If any of these tips hit home, now is a great time to review your business profile pic. Yes, I said don’t change it frequently, but changing from a bad business profile pic to a good one is a great reason to make a change.

Image by: PhotKing