Ready to buy a domain? Pick a name with purpose.

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Ready to buy a domain for your small business website? Be sure to pick a name that serves a purpose. Choosing a domain name that points out your value proposition (what makes your business special), vertical (what space you operate in), or geographic area can help you drive business and stand out from the competition.

Think of your domain name — the address that people type in to get to your website or use when they send you a professional email — as either the name of your business online or as a fundamental element of your overall branding.

Because it’s the anchor for your business’s identity on the web, it’s best to buy a domain in the initial stages of naming your business. That way you can check on domain availability BEFORE you settle on a business name.

It can take a while to think up a name that feels just right.


Incorporating a domain name search in your business naming process can help you narrow down your list of choices — and save you headaches down the road. Go ahead, give it a try now:



Buy a domain that represents your brand

There are many things to consider when you decide to buy a domain, including whether or not you want to go the whimsical or more straightforward route and if you should pick up more than one domain name to promote and protect your brand online. Most important, you want to buy a domain or multiple domain names that represent what your brand’s all about.

What do you do?

When you want to buy a domain today, you have domain ending choices that far exceed the traditional .com or .org — domain extensions that enable you to choose a name that’s truly specific to your industry, like .tech, .menu and .photography. This offers several big benefits:

  1. It helps to give your domain name purpose.
  2. It helps the customer understand what you do as soon as they see your domain.

For instance, say you own a bakery and you’ve got your heart set on a domain name like or It sounds cool but it doesn’t serve a bigger purpose than naming. A customer might not know what you do or where you do it simply by seeing your domain.

That said, if you have a cool, creative domain name in mind, there’s nothing wrong with getting additional names for specific marketing purposes — such as or

buy a domain bakery
When people search online for a great bakery, when they hear or see an ad for your bakery, or when they tell a friend about your bakery, you want them to associate it with a domain name that represents what you do and is easy to remember.

Will what you do stand out in a list of Google search results? Buy a domain with purpose so people looking for that particular product or service online will see at a glance that your business can meet their needs. The availability of industry-specific domain extensions make it possible to do this even on the right side of the dot.

Where do you do it?

Where you do business is also very important. Are you a global company or a local one? What customer base do you serve, and how can your domain name help point that out? You might consider including your location in the part of domain to the left of the dot — such as Thanks to a bevy of new geo-specific domain extensions, you might also be able to specify your location to the right of the dot — like

Both options tell people immediately what you do and where you do it.

There are also domains specifically for countries, called country code TLDs or CCTLDs. Ideal for connecting your business to a specific region, some CCTLDs actually are the domain extension of choice in certain countries.

Fix soles in the UK? Buy a domain such as to show potential customers right away what you do and where you do it. Ship candy throughout Canada? A domain name like should do the trick. Likewise, a name like will clue people into the fact that you are almost certainly a business that operates in The Netherlands.

What if someone else owns the domain you want?

When looking to buy a domain you’ll find that many of the names on your wishlist are still available to register. You likely also find that some of your dream domains are already registered. Fortunately, in some cases you still can secure a preferred domain even if someone else already owns it.

Buy a domain with purpose: The naming worksheet

For help picking a domain that will best suit the needs of your business, download our free worksheet.

Getting people to your business is one of the main goals of anyone who runs a successful company. Adding a domain name that has purpose to your overall marketing strategy is a great way to help you stand out to current and potential customers when they are looking to make a purchase. Also, there are cheap domain names to be had as well! Happy naming!

Joe Styler
Joe Styler serves as product manager for the aftermarket at GoDaddy. He’s responsible for marketplace products including any purchase, sale, or monetization of a domain name. During his nine-year tenure at GoDaddy Joe has served in a variety of directorial and supervisory roles. His passion is seeing his customers become successful in their business goals when using the aftermarket. He has been interested helping people with transactions on the Internet for more than 20 years. Joe received his B.A. from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and his Masters in Divinity from Gordon Conwell in Massachusetts.