Small business ideas from home for the up-and-coming entrepreneur

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Working from home is many people’s dream, but historically it hasn’t always been a practical or attainable one. However, with the technology and roles of today, it’s far more realistic than ever before. There are plenty of small business ideas from home you can capitalize on.

Small business ideas from home

In an ever-changing world, there are a lot more career paths out there than there were before. Even just 10 years ago, you would’ve been laughed out the room if you said you wanted to be a professional gamer out of your living room. But, because of the internet and other advancements in technology, this is now a possibility.

While one of the more media-friendly jobs out there, pro-gamer is probably one of the least attainable work-from-home roles out there due to demand and unrealistic expectations. However, there are plenty of more down-to-earth paths for aspiring home entrepreneurs.

So, what careers are there out there that you can carry out from the comfort of a home office?

Digital marketing

This might seem a bit vague, but it’s a broad category. If you’ve got an internet connection, a computer of sorts and a knack for analysis, then you can get involved in digital marketing.

There’s a host of areas to explore, including SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. These are roles that can all be performed from home.

As with any job, there will be pros and cons involved.


  • Flexible hours. You can work to your own schedule, as long as the work is done.
  • In demand. There’s a lot of demand for this type of work


  • A lot to learn. While it can be easy to pick up, there’s multiple disciplines you’ll need to be familiar with.
  • Expectations. If you freelance for a company, you’ll need to work to their targets.
  • Fluctuating industry. Google and other search engines have an ever-changing set of rules you’ll need to abide by.

Plus, once you have some experience under your belt, you can even work as a digital marketing consultant and start your own freelance venture.


Small Business Ideas From Home WriterAgain, this could be construed as a little ambiguous, but, it also branches off into a few manageable areas. Writing is one of the common small business ideas from home that’s available to freelance journalists, copywriters, content marketers or even transcribers.

If you’ve got a flair for the written word or have a professional background in writing, writing from home is definitely an area worth exploring.


  • Choose your discipline. If you like sports, you can write about sports. If you like movies, you can write about movies. The list goes on.
  • Different levels of involvement. Research, writing, editing — you can find one aspect (or a few) that you enjoy.
  • Make a name for yourself. If you write consistently interesting and engaging stories, you could find yourself with a following.


  • Deadlines. If you’re writing for a publication, you’ll definitely have editorial deadlines. Make sure you’re capable of managing your time.
  • Not getting paid on time. This is a problem with a lot of freelance roles.
  • Repetitive. Copywriters especially can feel like they’re churning out the same text over and over again.

Another benefit? There’s value in good writing. Check out sites like UpWork to get a feel for the type of jobs currently circulating the boards.

Design and creative

While the writing industry is an inventive discipline, getting involved in the design and creative industry takes a more artsy skill set. If you’re talented in the areas of graphic or video design, web development and more, this field can certainly be a viable work-from-home option.


  • Different hats. You’ll get to learn and work across a number of different platforms for a variety of businesses.
  • Unleash your creativity. You’ll get to use the full extent of your creative talents on projects of your choosing.
  • Lots of work. There’s always graphic design work available, even if it’s just small jobs on Fiverr.


  • Initial overhead. There are a few design programs that are essential for this type of work and can be pricey.
  • Competition. Because designers are in such high-demand, you’ll be competing against a lot of other potential creatives to secure work.
  • Final say. It’s unlikely that you’ll have final approval on your work, especially if you’re freelancing.

These are just a few small business ideas from home that you can do to satisfy your entrepreneurial drive. There are plenty of other options out there — think virtual assistants, tutors, sales reps, site testers and more — so all you need to do is evaluate your skills and determine what’s the right job for you.

What’s the job for you?

Small Business Ideas From Home Job
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The above-mentioned work-from-home opportunities cover a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from analytical and process-based to creative and imaginative. So which one suits you best?

Marketing roles tend to be more analytical and process-based with a flair of creativity tossed in from time to time. If you’re good with numbers and data, as well as outlining a process for successful advertising, this might be the job for you.

Design roles are highly creative. Do you have a knack for drawing? Can you visualize layouts and spaces? Are you a whiz at color theory and themes? Then web design, game development or some other form of design is right up your alley.

Writing jobs lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. You’ll need the creative juices to come up with fresh content, but the analytical skills to incorporate research and editing prowess when need be.

Pro tip: No matter the field, you will need to exercise time management and organizational skills to stay on top of your freelance schedule.

Only you know where your skills lie, but treating the above as guidance on the logical versus creative spectrum will help you come to a decision.

Look for jobs that incorporate current skills you utilize on a daily basis.


If you’re already employed as one of, or something similar to, the above roles, great! You won’t have much to worry about in terms of a learning curve. Even if you’re not currently working in one of the above fields, you can still use the listed pros and cons — along with your own further research — to find small business ideas from home you’ll enjoy.

Getting started

Small Business Ideas From Home Office Chair]

Now, it should go without saying that starting a business from home is not a sprint. You can’t just up sticks from your current role, wheel your office chair into your spare room, and be on your way. There’s a lot to consider and plan out before you can even get started.

Everything discussed in this article requires an online set up at home. If you don’t have a decent setup to begin with, you’re not going to get very far. First, you’ll need to establish an online presence. And you’ll need a domain.

A website is an integral part of any home business.


Try to think of your domain and website as your online business card. It’s your chance to make a first impression, so it’s vital you set up a good one from the get go. Fortunately, GoDaddy has a thorough and concise guide for getting set up online. It’s paramount that you don’t skip any corners — otherwise, it could going affect your potential for success down the line.

Once you’re online, you need to think about how to spread awareness and start building connections. Try building your brand with social media. Not only should you do this from the get go, but it should also be an ongoing task. Social media allows you to engage with your followers while sharing your unique selling points — and that’s a perfect way to build trust with potential clients.

Editor’s note: Interested in a beautiful and efficient website for your work-from-home business? Try GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder. You can easily integrate your business with a Facebook page to engage with your followers.

In conclusion

So there you have it, a handful of small business ideas from home that you can capitalize on to find success. It’s up to you to pick the role that suits your skill set and personality. Then, all you have to do is drive people to your business website to spread the word about your work. If you follow these suggestions, then your chances of success will certainly increase.

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