Sumo’s Troy Stites gives tips for ‘sticky websites’ — even on shoestring budgets [video]

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How would you like to create a sticky website? You know, a site that’s packed with valuable content and so easy to navigate that visitors want to stick around and find out more about your business. We’ve all landed on websites like this. In fact, when we got there, we probably signed up to receive updates, shared a piece of their content, or filled out a contact form. Fortunately, Troy Stites, Growth & Optimization Specialist at Sumo, has some advice for making your site sticky.

Instead of getting website envy, take action and make a few changes to your site to start getting better results.

Think it’ll cost you thousands of dollars? Nope. With a little help from the team over at Sumo, any small business owner can do it. Even those on a shoestring budget.

Q&A with Troy Stites

Troy Stites Sumo
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I interviewed Troy for the down low. He grew up in Iowa and started working in the hedge fund and private equity industry after graduate school at San Diego State. However, after discovering that wasn’t his passion, he started a YouTube channel that grew into a business. The success of his channel caught the attention of the Sumo team, which help him land his current gig.

Troy loves helping business owners generate results. He says, “The more niche your business is, the more fanatical your fans will be.” Too true. During our conversation, we also discussed:

… and more!

Business strategies for all niches

I hope you, the readers, found this video helpful. If you did, please share it with someone who will benefit from watching it. I invite you to connect with me on YouTube Facebook and Twitter. I would love to hear how you started using some of these strategies to help you grow your business.

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