Suvidhaa cashes in on premium domain name to establish a credible online brand

The power of premium

Smart business owners know the power of the web. They know how important it is to look professional — and they take the steps necessary to make that happen. That’s why Paresh Rajde, founder and chairman of Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL), wanted to register a premium domain for his business.

Paresh Rajde, founder and chairman of Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd., knew a premium domain would give Suvidhaa greater marketing potential to build a memorable online brand and make a global impact on the web.
Paresh Rajde, founder and chairman of Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd., knew a premium domain would give Suvidhaa greater marketing potential to build a memorable online brand and make a global impact on the web.

Founded in 2007 and based in Mumbai, Suvidhaa (a SIPL franchise) is a payment and remittance company that aggregates a variety of services from partner companies — including utility bill collection, insurance premium, mobile and DTH recharge, travel tickets, and money transfer services. Suvidhaa facilitates payment transactions on a robust single platform through a network of 80,000 franchise outlets across the country.

Why a premium domain?

Paresh knew he needed just the right website address for his business — and, to him, that meant a short and memorable .com domain name that would protect his brand online: Before purchasing the domain, however, he had to gain buy-in from his internal stakeholders and justify the domain acquisition.

“Since we want to take our business global and start international remittance services, we wanted to understand if acquiring a .com domain name would create a significant impact in terms of customer perception,” Paresh says.

Premium domains like are already owned — and many already receive a tremendous amount of traffic, which makes them more marketable. Prices vary based on the market overall and the marketability of the specific domain name. But premium domains are often a worthwhile investment, as businesses that acquire them often reap the benefits of the domain’s previously established presence and existing traffic.

The right partner

Paresh conducted a survey to demonstrate that owning the .com domain would be a valuable investment for his business, and he sought out a partner. He decided to use GoDaddy’s premium domain service, and a GoDaddy domain buy agent helped him make the purchase and ensured a smooth transaction. Paresh recalls:

“GoDaddy was our preferred choice of partner to facilitate our registration of GoDaddy made our experience of searching for a premium domain easy and hassle-free.”

Having the premium domain name helped Suvidhaa achieve greater heights with its marketing and build a memorable online brand with a global presence and credibility.


Good as Gold

Because of their value, premium domains can be costly investments. A trustworthy yet easy-to-use payment platform, like GoDaddy’s Good as Gold payment option, is crucial. “We faced some issues with regards to paying for the premium domain because of banking norms in India,” Paresh says. “However, this problem was solved within a week. GoDaddy’s Good as Gold payment option allowed us to remit funds without a fuss.”

And the Suvidhaa team is thrilled with the advice and quick attention it received from the GoDaddy customer service team. “The overall support has been exemplary,” Paresh says. “The agent and executives at all levels were helpful and knowledgeable.”

SIPL has since registered 80 more domains to protect the company’s brand and position it for growth online. These domains are variants of the Suvidhaa name and include domain name extensions like .mobi, .net and .in.

“We work toward creating a technological environment that delivers high performance and customer satisfaction while saving time and money within the service sector,” Paresh says. “GoDaddy understood our business needs well.”

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