Tap into the holiday retail frenzy with a .blackfriday domain

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I’m not a morning person, but Black Friday is one day I’ll make an exception for. It’s a day full of drama, long lines, elbow jabs and sold-out items. But it’s mostly celebrated for its deals. Like, CRAZY good deals.

If you’re a retailer, you know there’s gold to be made the day after Thanksgiving, especially online. Thanks to the World Wide Web, consumers now have seemingly limitless information — including sale notifications, product reviews and price comparisons — at their fingertips. They can do their research, and even a good bit of their holiday shopping, in their pajamas while sipping hot cocoa and listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album. That’s why, in the midst of the Black Friday frenzy, it’s crucial for retailers to stand out on the web.

And there’s an amazing new way to do that — with a website address that features a .blackfriday domain extension.

I’m calling it now — the .blackfriday domain will open up thousands of doors for retailers big or small on this sellout day. It’s an attention grabber that instantly identifies online shopping destinations as worthwhile Black Friday pit stops. Think I’m full of it? Well here are some rock-solid benefits that come with registering a .blackfriday domain:

They can’t pepper spray you online.

It’s a sensitive topic, but everyone’s aware of the insanity that goes down on Black Friday. The pushing. The race for a parking space that’s not a mile away. The swiping of the last Wubble Bubble Ball from under another shopper’s nose. And, unfortunately, the maniac who whips out a can of pepper spray at Walmart. Your customers will appreciate the safe environment you provide online, and the handy-dandy .blackfriday domain that leads straight to the incredible deals you’re showcasing on your website or web store.

It’s not just a day.

In the past, many retailers opened their doors for Black Friday madness extremely early on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Last year, some retailers started even before the turkey had a chance to digest. Now we’re seeing sales start as early as November 1. So basically, the entire month of November is now Black Friday. In fact, some call it Black Friday season! (I kid you not.) This is great news for you because it means there’s you’ve got more time to use that new website address ending in .blackfriday to maximize your sales and customer acquisitions!

It’s okay to double dip.

As you probably know, Cyber Monday is climbing the best-day-of-the-year-to-shop ranks, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on Black Friday. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a storefront or a big-box store. A deal is a deal, and on Black Friday, everyone is searching for one. Get your deals found with a customizable .blackfriday domain.

You know how Black Friday shoppers go into the stores with a shopping strategy? Well, it’s not a bad idea, and one you might consider in preparation of registering your .blackfriday domain. Here are a few pointers:

Beat the crowds. The thrill of shopping in stores on Black Friday might be addictive, but shoppers know the advantages of staying home and shopping online. This might sound like a long shot, but I believe .blackfriday will become one of the most valuable tools you can use to successfully capitalize on this once-a-year shopping extravaganza. As retailers look for new ways to market their products during the holidays, you’ll be ahead of the curve with a newly registered .blackfriday domain name.

Buy now before they sell out. Predictions are circling, and most think that nearly half of this year’s holiday shopping will be done online. With that in mind, I’m predicting a rush on .blackfriday domain names. In a week or two, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Black Friday for .blackfriday. You might want to hurry or a crazed competitor might grab your domain name of choice before you do!

Get your ducks in order. If you’re serious about dominating this holiday season with a .blackfriday domain, you need to consider what you want. Do you want a domain that includes your business’s name (YourBusinessName.blackfriday), a name that’s product-specific (iPhone6Cases.blackfriday), or something that covers a large spectrum of goods (TechGadgets.blackfriday)?

Whatever domain you choose, just make sure it’s one that speaks directly to your customers. Even if you’ve already got a website ending in .com or another extension, think about adding a .blackfriday domain that redirects to your main site. This can give your business greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers.

Before you get caught up in the details, drop by our .blackfriday registration page to see if your favorite options are available. Lacking creativity? Give our customer care center a ring. They’ll help you find the perfect .blackfriday domain to complement your knockout season.

Image by: Michael Holden via Compfight cc