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Another .CO-ol idea hatches

Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t find your name on those keychains in the museum gift shop? Or, when the only way you could personalize a gift was to have it engraved? Well, the future of personalized gifts is here — and it’s Hatch. is a curated online marketplace for the maker generation — an interactive website where buyers can remix any product they see to make it unique and completely personalized. The consumer is actually able to be involved in the creative process and work with the designer directly. features handpicked artists that are passionate about their craft and enjoy working with their customers to build the perfect gift.

Founders of
The founders of Hatch set out to create a new online retail model than can serve independent designers, makers and artisans better than traditional models.

Want a silver pendant featuring your children’s handwriting? They’ve got that. How about a custom 3D map letter paper sculpture? With Hatch, you’re not only able to choose the letter you’d like, but also tell the artist the map location you want and what size you’d like the sculpture to be.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 3.23.33 PM joins innovative online .COmmunity

When co-founder and CEO Anastasia Leng and her team began searching for this innovative website’s online home, they chose a .CO domain. “When I started Hatch, it was really important to me that we were building a brand,” she says. “And having the right name and having the right domain was critical part of that. The biggest advantage of a .CO was that we got to have the name that we’d always envisioned having for our company.”

Hatch.Co CEO
Based in New York City, Hatch CEO Anastasia Leng co-founded the company in 2012 to cater to creative small businesses.

Not only were Anastasia and crew able to secure the domain name they always wanted, but — just as importantly — they joined a worldwide .COmmunity of like-minded innovators who are building the future of the Internet. As Anastasia says:

 “We became part of a community of people that really valued entrepreneurship and innovation. … .CO does a lot to support the community of founders and small businesses that are trying to get their ventures up and on the rise.”

The domain darling of the startup community, .CO is the preferred top-level domain extension of innovators around the globe for these exact reasons. Also, just by purchasing a .CO domain, domain owners are able receive exclusive membership perks like tools to help grow their business, tickets to industry events and custom online strategy consultations.

We’re excited to see more of, and are pleased to feature this original and unique online marketplace. To learn more about Hatch, check out this video:

Crystal Peterson, director of Registry Services & Global Channel Management for Neustar, Inc., is a key player in the growth of Neustar’s .biz, .CO, .nyc and .US domain name products. Traveling more than 100,000 miles each year, Crystal forges some of the company’s most strategic registry partnerships while cultivating relationships with registrars and resellers in all corners of the globe. Amongst her many roles prior to her position at Neustar, Crystal handled the Global Sales and Channel Marketing for the company behind the .CO domain for its global launch and management, which was acquired by Neustar in 2014. .CO launched just over five years ago with great success and reaching over 1 million domains under management in less than one year. Connect with Crystal on LinkedIn.