The Joys of Owning a Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pajamas are my power suit

Along with Zogby Analytics, GoDaddy conducted a study with 507 of its small business customers who’ve made the leap to running their own shops. For all of the fear and uncertainty that goes with being your own boss, we also found that far and wide, people almost universally enjoy more flexibility, freedom and healthier lifestyles by doing things their way.

Take the leap and you too could be a smoothie-drinking and pajama-wearing superhero who loves what you’re doing. Some highlights:

  • 88% are more optimistic about the future and have high hopes for the future of their business.
  • 53% exercise more than they did at their previous job.
  • 72% eat healthier than they did at their previous job.
  • 56% wear whatever they want, including pajamas as their power suit.

Check out the full infographic:

Owning a Small Business Infographic

Image by: Jeremy Levine Design via Compfight cc

Shawn's been working with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners for more than 20 years. He's consulted companies large and small on communication, social media, and marketing strategies. At heart he's a small-business superfan. He believes that working for yourself is one of the most courageous and creative moves anyone can make. Currently, he's the senior director of communications at GoDaddy. When he's not hanging out with solopreneurs, Shawn loves to write, run, and travel. He's passionate about teaching and he's convinced that a good story is the best way to do it — especially if it involves El Caminos, potato fields, and really loud music.