The .school domain puts a whole new spin on learning

Take your seats, please

In a galaxy super close by, just a few decades away, hundreds of students hoofed about their sub-zero campuses, wearing hefty parkas, long underwear and gaiters. They carried backpacks filled with …

Wait for it …

PAPER. Hardcover textbooks. Notepads. Journals.

True story.

School Domain ChildMost students did research in the library stacks and pored through actual paperbacks. Certainly, whispers of the internet could be heard through the rustling of blue book pages turning and pencils scribbling, but students didn’t have fingertip-access to information anytime, anywhere. It was not yet the dawn of the internet.

Today, students can buy eTextbooks and take notes on battery-powered tablets. Exams can be given and graded online. Even group projects can be completed online thanks to collaborative apps. Students can take classes without ever stepping foot in the classroom. Or a library. Or even outside their homes.

Twenty years ago, it would have sounded crazy that one day you could earn a degree without ever leaving home.

More so than ever before, students and their parents have options. And like all consumers, many turn first to the internet to learn, compare and, ultimately, choose where to attend school (or where to send the kids).

Hey digital native! Send your kid to .school

Born after 1980, digital natives grew up immersed in web technology, from the iPod they got for their 12th birthday to the instant messaging they did covertly on the family computer. They would find the school scenario described above appalling. You looked up library books on … paper cards?

Now digital natives are old enough to have kids of their own. As they research the educational options open to them and their children, you can bet they’ll turn to the web first.

Why not speak to digital natives in their own language with a .school domain for your school or education-related website?

Forget having to choose between .com and .org — schools and training centers now have .school, .academy, .degree and a handful of other related domains to choose from.

Search for your .school domain

Ready to give it a try? Simply enter the .school domain name you want to search for below.

Domain name basics

A domain name is like a street address — except it tells people where to find your website, not your home or business.

A domain is not the same thing as a website or a brand. A .school domain is simply an easy-to-remember substitute for your school website’s IP address, a series of numbers that no one would remember.

Until a few years ago, all of the personalization in your domain name had to happen before the dot. Take, and for example. No longer. Now there are hundreds of new domain extensions, many of them specific to particular professions, geographic areas or interests.

School Domain Backpack
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New breed, new names

In an age when students in “flipped” classrooms read assignments and watch lectures at home, then go to class to do their homework, the winds of change are definitely blowing through academia. .school domains are a 21st-century choice for any group, organization or business related to education:

  • Online training programs
  • Private nursery schools
  • Educational toy makers
  • Music, art and dance academies
  • Driver’s education schools
  • Tutoring services
  • Professional training programs such as catering or design
  • Curriculum publishers
  • Online certification programs
  • Summer Bible schools
  • Educational associations

Whether you run an elite private academy or an apprentice program for electricians, a .school domain name will set you apart from all the others vying for students online. And because part of your name appears after the dot, your web address may actually be shorter than it would be with another domain — always a good thing.

School Domain Tablet

Make your web address speak volumes — with a .school domain

While few parents may ever send their children to online elementary schools, their reliance on the internet for information vital to educational decisions will continue to grow. And as we float deeper and deeper into cyberspace, you’ll need every advantage you can get. With a .academy, .degree or .school domain name, you can make your web address speak directly to today’s educational consumers. In terms they’ll understand.

Find out how to build your school website in less than an hour.

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Andrea Mosher
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