The top 10 industries that would benefit from a smartphone second number app

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Separate work and play

The workplace in 2017 has become survival of the VERY fittest. Coming out of the Great Recession, there is no longer any margin for error in your job. That’s why being willing to take responsibility, even when most of the world has hit the “quitting time” button, is par for the course. In short, having to be “always on/always connected” is a defined part of the job. That’s why a second number app is something that has become incredibly useful.

Careers that benefit from a second number app

Specifically, the following professions live with life “on call:”

  1. IT emergency help.

  2. Pilots.

  3. Plumbers.

  4. Electricians.

  5. Doctors.

  6. Nurses.

  7. Police officers or detectives.

  8. Hospitality positions.

  9. Oil refinery personnel.

  10. Real estate agents.

Second Number App PlumberOf course, there are plenty of others as well. These are some of the many careers in which you never know when you’ll have to leave a relaxing dinner, a great movie or even just a much-needed nap to immediately jump into action.

If you are in one of these professions, it would be nice to know that when you are NOT on call, you don’t have to dread the ring of a phone or the chirp of a text.

At the same time, you want to be able to separate your personal life from your professional one. The trick is how to do it. Having a second phone would be ideal, however, the cost of two devices and phone lines makes it prohibitive for most of us. But there has to be some affordable option, right?

Fortunately, there is.


We’ll explain that in just a minute, but first, imagine this:

You and three friends you haven’t seen in a long time finally all have an open Saturday night. The plans are set. First: dinner at a great new restaurant. Second: tickets to a movie you have all been dying to see. Finally: a nightcap at that cool place with the amazing view of the city. Sounds perfect, right?

There’s only one problem. Because you’re used to being interrupted for work so often, you have a hard time relaxing. When your significant other calls to ask where the car keys are, you cringe. When a friend texts to let you know your favorite band is coming to town next month, you flinch. Even when a sports app pings to let you know that your favorite team just won the game, it makes you shudder. That’s because your brain keeps screaming out, “TIME TO GO TO WORK!” It’s enough to drive you batty.

But how do you fix this terrifying response to very benign, non-work related notifications? And not need to carry two phones? Simple.

Add a second number app on your smartphone.

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The freedom of a designated work line

Just imagine: With a second phone line for business, everything sounds different. Your work line rings like an old-fashioned phone, while your personal ringtone is that techno song you love. Your work texts are just a simple bell sound. Meanwhile, your personal texts come across sounding like a cuckoo clock or even Woody Woodpecker’s silly laugh. As for the sports notification, you never have to worry because your work line will never play your team’s fight song once another victory is in the books.

In short, you can immediately know that all those “should be” innocuous calls, texts and pings really are just that. You can actually, genuinely, dare we say it … relax.

Use a second number app and find balance

Because you’re dedicated to your job, you think about it often. But studies have shown that it’s actually important to decompress; to NOT think about work for a while. If you have one of the jobs listed above, or any other one that requires you to be on call, chances are this is exceptionally difficult.

But with a second phone line, that ceases to be a problem. A night out on the town or even a week’s vacation on a beautiful island beach can truly allow you to unwind. Why? The sound of your phone no longer causes you to flinch in terror, like Freddy Kruger just jumped out from behind your sofa. The best part?

It’s easy to add a second phone number to your smartphone with the Smartline app from GoDaddy.


It allows you to quickly know if you are receiving a work or personal call on your current smartphone, without needing any extra equipment or an expensive contract with a phone service provider.

So, now the only question becomes: Why did you wait so long to get a second number app? Once you have it, you’ll start to regain control of your personal life.

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