Time-saving social media tips for small business owners

Schedule, curate, repurpose

When running a startup, you have limited resources and limited time to run your business. On top of everything you have to do, adding being active on social media can be a struggle. Here are some time-saving social media tips for any solopreneur/startup to get the most out of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without it being a time drain.

1. Schedule what you can

There are some fantastic tools available that make scheduling social shares in advance easy. So rather than spending five minutes, five times a day, updating your business’s social media profiles, you can spend an hour (or less) a week scheduling your updates.

Here are a few scheduling tools:

Sprout Social

Another tool that’s worth discussing is TweetJukebox. With it, you can enter as many tweets as you like, then set a calendar for when you want them to go live (such as once every three hours, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday). This is a great tool if you want to promote evergreen content, spread the word about a promotion, or send people to specific landing pages.

2. Curate other people’s content

While you absolutely want to share your business’s content on social media, it’s a good idea to share other people’s content as well. Doing so will get their attention and make them more likely to return the favor.

Sharing other people’s content will make them more likely to return the favor.


But you don’t have to spend hours reading blog posts and sharing them! If you use Hootsuite, there’s a feature called Suggestions that, once you tell it what keywords you want content on, will offer you tons of content to share. Just click what you want to schedule, and you’re set!

Hootsuite and Buffer also have web browser plugins that let you share any web page or blog article without having to copy and paste the URL into your dashboard. You can also schedule it from this tool.

Plus, you can retweet or share what the people you follow are sharing. So skim your news feed and pick the good stuff that your followers will care about.

3. Hire help

Who says you have to manage your own social media? If you have someone handling marketing on your team, add social media to their list of responsibilities. Or you can hire a social media consultant or firm. It’s probably more affordable than you imagine: you can typically pay a flat monthly rate for a set amount of tasks.

4. Repurpose one share multiple times

Sharing your latest blog post? Spend a few minutes crafting different versions of the share and spreading them out over the next week or so to maximize clicks to it and engage people in different ways.

You can share each post a few ways:

  • Share just the title (this is often the default if you’re using automation to post it when it goes live).
  • Pull out bullet points.
  • Use quotes.
  • Ask questions to intrigue people to click.

You can use the same strategy if you have a promotion. I like to make a long list of social shares in a document, copy and paste them, then schedule.

Once you get into the habit of these time-saving social media tips, they’ll become second nature, and you’ll marvel at all the time you’ve saved!

Image by: Eddi 07- Free Stock via Compfight cc