Tips for creating email marketing content

Make it interesting

Email Marketing Content MegaphoneCreating email marketing content can be rewarding and (gasp!) fun. As with any meaningful project, there’s groundwork to be done. In The Simple Guide to Email Marketing, Dean shares some ideas to get you creating the best content for your audience.

Email marketing content should be interesting and relevant

“Everyone always says, “know your market.” That’s true for emailing, too. What do you think they want to hear about? Remember, you want them to read and enjoy the emails you send and look forward to the next one. What, as it pertains to your business, will give your readers something interesting to read?”

Email marketing is about connecting

“Here’s the REAL reason you’re emailing: You want to connect with your customers and fans. You want to provide value, keep them informed, and give them a moment in their hectic day to enjoy the email you’ve sent. You also want them to read your next one, to share it with friends and to stay loyal customers. Don’t lose sight of that. And how do you do that? Well, by sitting down and asking yourself, ‘What do I, me, myself and my friends and customers want to read? What do I look forward to receiving in my inbox? What can I share that my customers might not know. If I were my customer, what would I find interesting?'”

If you take the time to answer these questions, and keep asking them, you’re on your way to creating quality email marketing content. Because of the uniqueness of your audience and business, the answer to “What is quality content?” will vary from sender to sender. If you’re answering these thought questions, though, your email newsletter content will add value to your customers and contacts.

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On a practical note, good writing is important when it comes to creating email marketing content. Take time to spellcheck, proofread and send test emails.

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