In a creative funk? Tips for sparking inspiration

It’s January and the weeks following the holiday season can feel like you’re in a complete daze. You know that you need to get a jumpstart on your planning for the year, but your brain feels like a bowl of cold and lumpy oatmeal. So what’s an uninspired mind to do?

We’ve scoured the internet for the best tips and tricks on getting your brain back in gear and on track for an inspired 2023.

Define the problem or goal

Exercise it

Quantity leads to quality

Look for the limits

Do something else

Don’t be a perfectionist

Stacey Hartman
Stacey Hartman has been with GoDaddy since 2007, working as a product professional throughout the company. Outside of work, she enjoys playing with corgis, traveling, gaming, reading, and baking award-winning cheesecakes.