Top 3 website design trends of 2014

Responsive, visual, parallax

Marketers everywhere love reviewing trends of the past year, and this year we’re doing our own look back at the important website design trends of 2014. More than just trends, some website design innovations exploded in 2014 with incredible popularity amongst consumers and designers (and for good reason).

Responsive websites

responsive_360Be gone, multiple websites for different devices! Responsive website design allows one website to change layout depending on the device the site is being viewed on. There are numerous advantages to responsive site design, including the ease of managing a single website, cohesive branding, and consistent user experience. At this point responsive website design is the norm for websites. Read more about responsive design here, and check out 50 sites that are doing it right.

Parallax website design

Parallax website design was HOT in 2014, and looks to remain very popular in 2015. Consumers love that parallax design is fresh and fun to interact with! Parallax is particularly effective when a company is looking to tell a story with their website (a fantastic branding technique). As more and more people use mobile devices for the majority of their online viewing, one-page long scroll design will continue to grow in popularity. That’s because scrolling down is becoming second nature to website viewers. To take a deeper five into parallax design, check out the Pros and Cons of Parallax Scrolling Website Design.

parallax website homepage example life of pi website

Videos and images rule

Web pages crammed with text and stuffed with keywords are things of the past. Compelling, high-definition images and videos are essential to successful website design.

In 2014 website users wanted to be visually engaged, and website design complied.

Content is still king, but 2014 saw businesses understanding dazzling website design is an essential part of content marketing. With the rise of Pinterest, stunning visual images on websites mean a greater chance those images will be shared on social media. Better technology in 2014 meant anyone can create winning website videos with their smartphone!

Speaking of awesome website videos – 2014 proclaimed flash video dead. Mobile viewers can’t see flash video, and at this point a great mobile website experience is key to keeping customers on a site.

These important 2014 trends look to keep gaining ground in 2015. Consumers and their viewing habits will continue to help dictate website design, but innovations on par with parallax design will surprise viewers with new and delightful website experiences. Consumers and designers alike have a lot to look forward to in 2015.

Want my predictions for this year’s top trends? Stay tuned!