Top 8 website security threats

Watch out for these bad buggers

You can’t take website security seriously enough — especially if your customers entrust you with their credit card information and other sensitive data. From using strong passwords to defending your site against images that attack, taking the important steps necessary to protect your website from security threats isn’t a maybe — it’s a must.

“Constant vigilance and layers of security are your best defense as always. It’s much more cost-effective to put security in place proactively rather than react after an attack.” ~ Neal O’Farrell

In “8 Malware Threats to Watch Out For,” website security guru Neal O’Farrell (remember that guy?) outlines today’s top threats to your website’s integrity. “It only takes one to ruin your day, but many businesses fall victim to all of them, at the same time,” Neal writes. Yikes.

Watch out for these bad buggers

  1. Banking Trojans (from Citadel to Zeus) focus on stealing bank account logins.
  2. Backdoor Trojans give hackers admin access and rights to a computer or network.
  3. Keyloggers steal anything that’s typed on a keyboard or touchscreen.
  4. Ransomware (i.e. Cryptolocker) encrypts data then ransoms its release.
  5. Exploit kits give cyber crooks malware upload options.
  6. Bots take control of infected computers to assist in other crimes.
  7. Drive-by downloads help malware.
  8. Advanced Persistent Threats are a type of (generally sophisticated and long-running) attack that usually involves malware.

They don’t necessarily break into the bank, just cut the hole in the roof for others to climb through.

That’s scary stuff. Want to learn more? Head on over here.

[Full disclosure: Neal O’Farrell is an advisor to SiteLock, a security product that GoDaddy offers.]

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