Track the effectiveness of your site with website analytics

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You have spent a lot of time and energy getting your website online for the world to see — now it’s time to find out if it’s working! As a small business owner, you should know how many people are visiting your website, how they find your site, and if your marketing efforts are effective. Luckily, website analytics products can give you all of those answers, and more.

Knowing your online audience can help you tailor your site to their behaviors. For instance, if you discover that most of your online visitors find your site through social media, then you might consider focusing your marketing efforts on social media.

Check out some of the ways website analytics can tell you about your website’s success:

Visitors: Learn about visitors to your website, such as whether they are new or returning, how they found you, where they are located, and which browsers they are using.

Pages: Gather information on specific pages so you can analyze the effectiveness or popularity of each page on your site.

Referrers: Find out which websites, URLs, search engines, and keywords lead visitors to your site.

eCommerce: Learn about your website’s visitors completing specific actions, such as purchasing products or signing up for newsletters, after finding your site from Internet-based advertisements.

Mobile: Find out how many customers access your site using their mobile device and how they use your mobile site.

Social Media: Measure the success of your social media profiles and find out if visitors share or engage with your social content.

Advertising: Learn about the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts and measure your advertising return on investment (ROI).

There are a number of products that analyze your site to tell you what’s working and what’s not. Do your research to find the website analytics program that’s right for you and your business. To learn more about getting started with Google Analytics™, go here.

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Genevieve Tuenge
Genevieve Tuenge is a writer, former small business owner and creative director. She's an avid supporter of local mom-and-pop shops, and has devoted much of her career to helping small businesses understand and access the tools and information they need to thrive online.