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It’s a long-running joke that “men don’t read instructions” when they get their hands on their latest projects. Even if they did, as many of you have surely experienced firsthand, the instructions might not always be very well-written or concise. The best educational or instructional material has quality visual aids to help illustrate what the directions aim to specify. You see, if your instructions include just words or just pictures, something is bound to get lost in translation.

Fortunately, you already know how to use your smartphone to create a professional looking video for your small business website — bringing the best of both worlds to the page to inspire and educate your visitors.

You can use video on your About Us page, for example, to give potential customers insight into who you are and what you do. Likewise, you can showcase the awesomeness of your products or services by showing them in action on video. But if you want to build a reputation as a go-to source for education and inspiration in your industry, as well as drive traffic to your website, you should consider creating a video tips series.

Let’s take an example from one of my favorite subjects: food.

Most restaurant websites have two main goals: to display the restaurant’s hours and menu. But what if your restaurant’s site was known as a destination for amazing cooking tips? Instead of a barbecue joint site that simply provides basic business information, imagine a dynamic website with a section of videos that give tips for grilling sirloin, whisking up an award-winning rib marinade, and making a kick-ass cole slaw.

Not only will people journey to your site more to view this helpful information, but the next time they’re craving some smoked brisket, they are more likely to remember your business’s name and consider you more credible for your extra effort.

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3 tips for creating video tips

You don’t need to create a Sundance-worthy documentary here. This is about short and snappy video snippets that get a point or two across while showcasing your brand. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep tips brief, to the point, and clearly defined. The goal is not to teach brain surgery, but to walk visitors through simple tasks to make their experience easier, more fun, and less frustrating.
  2. Entertain, as well as enlighten. Everyone likes to have a good time — especially while they’re learning. Add a dose of lightness to your videos to keep viewers engaged.
  3. Brand each video with your business basics. Be sure to include your logo, website address and primary contact information — usually in the first or last frame, sometimes both.

Take the time to create a video tips series, and you’re sure to reap tangible rewards — increased brand loyalty, new customers, industry cred, and a catchier-looking site to boot. So, what are you waiting for? Find a need, write a script, grab your camera or smartphone, and show us what you’re made of.

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