Using social media to make your blog more profitable

Bank on it

Ask any blogger out there and odds are they will tell you that using social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is great, but can using social media actually make your blog more profitable? The short answer is yes. Let’s take a closer look at how and why pairing social media with your blog can make you more money.

Social media + blogging = big benefits

Using social media boosts your profitability potential by bringing would-be customers to your website. The more traffic you have, the easier it is for your site to earn money. For example, let’s say you just wrote a post called “10 ways to stick to your diet.” You share a link to that post on your favorite social media sites, and social media users click that link — boom, traffic!

Additional benefits include:

You’ll get better ranking on search engines.

Search engines now give more weight to the content shared on social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Every time your links are shared on social media, it produces a slight nudge up in the ranking because it’s telling the search engines that the information on your links is valuable. This means that when people search for keywords that are included in your blog posts, those posts are more likely to rank higher in search results — meaning more traffic to your site. Just make sure your blog content offers real value for readers.

Niche-specific traffic

When you use niche-specific hashtags to help promote blog posts on social media sites, other social media users who are following similar hashtags are more likely to find you. This is why when you use a hashtag like #yoga in a Twitter post about the yoga article you just published on your blog, yoga enthusiasts you’ve never met might bend over backwards to like and share that post. #thatsjustsmart

An added benefit to niche-specific hashtags is you’re more likely to drive qualified sales leads to your site (i.e. people who have a higher chance of buying the product). More on that later.

Turning traffic into money

If you have been using social media to drive traffic to your website and are gaining lots of pageviews from it, awesome. Now, how do you translate that traffic and your engagement on social media into income?

Sell advertising space and sponsored posts

Bloggers with a higher number of social media followers are more successful at selling ad space on their websites and securing sponsored posts. Why? Because brands know that a site owned by a blogger with a strong social following has much higher traffic potential that a site owned by a blogger who doesn’t engage on social media.

Brands love bloggers with social media followings.


For instance, when you send out your media kit and say you have 5,000 followers on Twitter or Facebook, you’re saying that you’ve already got an interested audience of 5,000 people who might see your posts in their feeds and share them with their followers. That’s the potential for a lot of eyeballs on your content.

Link to sales pages

You can use valuable blog content — content that readers find useful or inspiring or entertaining, or all three — to entice site visitors to check out sales pages. Maybe you’re selling an ebook called “Make More Money Blogging” on your website. You might not have a lot of success using social media to drive traffic directly to the sales page (in general, people don’t like to feel “sold”). Instead, you could write a blog post about the time you set up a carwash in your backyard to supplement your fledgling blogging income, with a link to your ebook sales page in the post.

If readers find value in your post, they are much more likely to click through to your sales page.


Again, be sure to use niche-specific hashtags in your social posts to drive potential customers to your site. You might write a Twitter post like this:

How do you make money blogging? I’ve washed cars. <link to blog post> #blogging

As your traffic increases, more and more potential customers will see your products which could translate into a higher number of sales.

Leverage your expertise.

Awesome blog posts about your area of expertise, coupled with strong social media engagement, can set you up as a thought leader — and that can lead to paid gigs. If you are blogging about food, for example, every post you write and share on social media about food boosts your authority as a food blogger. This could lead to paid speaking engagements, getting asked to write a book, or being offered the chance to sell other products. Each post, share and like boosts your authority just a little higher in the ranks.

Bottom line: Social media is more than a traffic driver — it could be the key to higher blog profits. You don’t have to have a profile on every social media platform out there, but getting really good at engaging with followers on one or two networks could make the difference between blogging full-time and slinging suds in your backyard.

Image by: ohsarahrose via Compfight cc