All I want for .Christmas is the .gift of a new domain name

Homes for the holidays

Christmas is on the minds and in the hearts of millions of people worldwide at this very second. Whether they’re thinking of their spiritual beliefs, Santa, that Barbie doll they’ve been begging for, or the annual holiday party they’re throwing, the holiday season is a time of year that puts nearly everyone in a festive mood (and perhaps a panic).

When I realized Christmas was sneaking up (two days ago), I started prepping and budgeting. I’m one of those people who do the last-minute shopping just a few days before December 25. It’s the worst feeling knowing that you put a damper on someone’s holiday cheer because you couldn’t find that ONE gift they requested. It’s a nerve-wracking situation I always get myself into, and no matter how many times I tell myself it will never happen again, it happens again.

But this year, things WILL be different — three new domain extensions will help make sure of it. Website addresses ending in .Christmas, .gift or .gifts can keep the holiday and its retail aspect front-and-center all year long.

AreUReady4.Christmas? Wow! These are the kind of website addresses that will remind even last-minute shoppers like me that it’s time to break out the wrapping paper and ribbon. If you have products to sell, services to offer or just good cheer to spread, a website address ending in one of these new domain extensions will show your holiday spirit and its offerings at a glance.

Big season for online shopping

As increasingly more holiday preparations are done online, websites that showcase their offerings with instantly recognizable .Christmas, .gift and .gifts addresses could become online destinations for millions of shoppers. Yes, millions. According to comScore, online shoppers spent a startling $1.7 billion on Cyber Monday 2013 — up 18 percent from the Monday after Thanksgiving the year before. It was the biggest online spending day in history — and there’s no reason to think the popularity of shopping online during the holiday season is going to decrease.

Who can benefit from a .Christmas, .gift or .gifts domain?

In addition to the myriad retailers who cater to this global holiday, a .Christmas domain can unwrap amazing online potential for:

  • Holiday party hosts
  • People who want to put their Christmas wish list online
  • Christmas light installers
  • Church pageant groups
  • Charities
  • Malls
  • Carolers, choirs and singers
  • Event planners
  • eCard sellers
  • Decorating blogs
  • Caterers

… just to name a few.

Likewise, a website address ending in .gift or .gifts might offer an ideal online home for:

  • Florists
  • Gift wrappers
  • Customer reward, coupon, discount and promotion programs
  • Gift delivery services
  • Gift basket products
  • Retailers
  • Gift suggestion sites

… and many others.

Share holiday joy online

The Internet serves as a conduit for sharing holiday spirit by bringing loved ones together when they’re thousands of miles apart. And these days, sharing the joy of the season is as easy as elfing yourself to send a card or writing a sweet message on someone’s Facebook wall. Now, with the availability of the new .Christmas, .gift and .gifts domain extensions, you can even set up a website dedicated to sharing holiday photos, recipes, craft ideas and more.

Whatever reason you have for reaching out via the web this holiday season, ending your website address with a .Christmas, .gift or .gifts domain extension can warm the hearts of your online visitors and invite them to share in the joy of gift-giving. Even if you’ve already got a great .com or other website address, consider adding one of the specialized domains that redirects to your main site to give your business greater visibility, more traffic, and, ultimately, more customers.

Give yourself the gift of a new .Christmas, .gift or .gifts website address this holiday season. You might just find that it’s a gift that keeps giving all year long!

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