Small Business Webinar: How to move your business email to Office 365

Ready to move your business to a enterprise-grade email solution?

Are you hesitating because you think email migration means downtime, potential data loss, and headaches? Learn how GoDaddy makes migrating to Microsoft Office 365 email a breeze.

GoDaddy Office 365 Product Manager, Nick Biggs, will join us to walk-through GoDaddy’s hassle-free email migration process, and explain how your Account Manager ensures a simplified, safe, and secure transition.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The core steps in the email migration process
  • How GoDaddy assists you in the process
  • What happens to your current emails and contacts

And learn from your peers, as we answer customer questions live.

Download the Webinar Deck

Move up to enterprise-grade email. Learn more about Microsoft Office 365