Small Business Webinar: Keeping your workforce connected

Are you limiting your search for high-quality employees to a 50-mile radius? Why, when you don’t have to!Taking your business into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, means you don’t need a traditional office and your workforce can be virtual. In other words, your employees can work for you from anywhere. This changes everything! By opening up their hiring options, small-to-medium-sized businesses are more able to compete with larger companies for high-quality candidates.

Let us show you what a virtual workforce looks like in the real-world. We’ll meet with a distributed team whose members are based in: Sonoma, California; Austin, Texas, and Gilbert, Arizona. We’ll discuss how the Microsoft Office 365 solution not only keeps them connected in real-time, but supercharges their collaboration and productivity, despite the miles.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Remote employees use Skype video conferencing to communicate with each other and their customers.
  • Distributed teams collaborate on a single document in real-time using Office 365 apps.
  • Your entire workforce can access the most current version of a document using OneDrive.

Keep your team connected. Learn more about Microsoft Office 365