Website Security Made Simple – Finally

Detect it and fix it

All around GoDaddy’s campus today, the buzz is about SiteLock™: a powerful, comprehensive website security tool that’s new to GoDaddy customers. With it, the perpetual worry of your website getting compromised by hackers goes away. SiteLock vigilantly overlooks your website, making sure its integrity remains intact.

Your security isn’t something we take lightly. So when we decided to bring our customers the best security solution we could find, SiteLock was an obvious partner – their top-rated services have given them a leading position in the industry.

SMART security

SiteLock’s robust technologies use 360-degree, inside-and-out scanning to monitor your website for any foul play and uncover any weaknesses. But more important than just finding issues, SiteLock offers tools to fix problems its discovers through two tools.

First, our Professional and Premium plans offer an automatic malware removal tool known as SMART. This is complemented by services, which are available to all customers, to fix complicated issues that require a security expert—such as vulnerabilities to SQL injections. Not only can you be sure that your site is free of malware, you’ll also know that your site isn’t susceptible to other common security compromises.

Peace of mind is hard to buy, but SiteLock’s ready to put it at your fingertips.

We know a lot of security software relies on gimmicks and fear-mongering – and you deserve better than that. SiteLock’s the genuine article. After spending more than a decade helping individuals with unique voices and small businesses succeed online; we’ve learned that proactive website security is incredibly important to the health of every site on the Internet. By defending you against hackers, SiteLock lets you build your visitors’ and customers’ trust, increase your traffic, and – ultimately – achieve your goals.

To learn more about what SiteLock can do to secure your website, head over to our SiteLock page.

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Sean Loiselle
Sean Loiselle is a senior technical writer in NYC who focuses on open source enterprise software. When he's not neck-deep in SQL, he takes in the city's museums, music, theater, and performance art spots.