Free Microsoft 365 Webinar: Building a more productive, work anywhere team

Wish you could boost the productivity of your business? Do you have a team that can truly work anywhere? Have you asked “what is Microsoft 365?” but are you not sure how it’s different from what you already have? What makes GoDaddy the go-to partner for Office 365?

You and your employees need to be able to communicate, collaborate and connect with each other and your customers wherever work (or life) takes you. This requires more than just email. Cloud-based solutions that marry business-class email with productivity solutions like cloud storage and Microsoft 365 tools are helping businesses of all sizes enable employees to be more productive—which can lead to better customer engagement and business growth. Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy is making it easier and more cost-effective than ever to run a small business with enterprise-grade productivity suites that help you get more done.

Hear from GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 experts. We’ll walk you through what it means to move to the cloud, give you a demo of GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 solution and discuss the benefits of choosing GoDaddy as your Microsoft 365 partner.


  • What is Microsoft 365 and why make the move to the cloud? We’ll talk through some of the key cost savings, flexibility and security benefits of the cloud.
  • All about Enterprise-Class Email. Learn how Exchange-powered email, calendars and advanced admin features make can boost productivity.
  • Connect and collaborate like never before. See how easy it is to create, share and work together with your team from virtually anywhere.
  • Putting your mobile devices to work. Discover how the ability to store, create and share documents online makes it easy to keep work going even when you have to switch between your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • The GoDaddy Advantage. From easy set up and migration to hands on support and great pricing, we’ll review why GoDaddy is the right partner.



Melissa Schneider
As a VP of Marketing at GoDaddy and GoDaddy’s resident trends expert, Melissa Schneider spends her days digging into data, discovering rising trends among customers, and gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs and desires to help GoDaddy’s marketing teams engage globally. Melissa joined GoDaddy in 2013, and has led product marketing for two of GoDaddy’s highest growth businesses. She came to the company after working in marketing and product management at LinkedIn and Intuit. Melissa holds a master's degree in business administration from The MIT Sloan School of Management, and a bachelor's degree in political science from The Johns Hopkins University.