What to do AFTER you write a blog post

Besides smile, a lot

You sweated, you cried, you wrote, you pulled your hair out, you wrote some more, you edited, you re-wrote and finally, after you all was said and done, you published your blog post. Time to relax now, right? Hold on a minute, kiddo! The work has only just begun because this ain’t no Field of Dreams. You built a glorious blog post, but that doesn’t mean they will come. You have to let people know there’s a bloggy party going down.

Here’s how.

Include the perfect image

If you didn’t add an image to your blog post before you published it, go back right now and insert a picture! Images are crazy important for upping your traffic. How important? Welp, according to Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94 percent more total views! So make sure you get an image for that post you just busted your brain to write. (Just don’t swipe one off Google because there are copyright rules, but we’ll save that for another post.) Your best bet is to take your own pictures for your posts. Got a smartphone? Start shooting.

In the words of Marie Forleo, Tweet it out, Yo!

Once you’ve added a picture, it’s time to start telling the world about your post. One of my favorite ways to get readers over to my blog is to tweet about my latest posts.

Let’s say you wrote a post about the world’s best margarita. First, why didn’t you invite me over while you were making that delicious concoction? I love me some tequila. But I’ll forgive you if you tweet out the recipe and tag me @TheAshleyGrant.

In all seriousness, there are right and wrong ways share your posts via Twitter.

Get creative.

Skip the lazy approach, like tweeting out “World’s Best Margarita” with a link to your post. You’ve got 140 characters to make a strong impression! So write something more exciting like, “Want the scoop on the World’s Best Margarita recipe? Check it out here [URL]! #cocktails #cocktailrecipes” Here’s another one: “My #Margaritas are better than yours. Get my recipe at [URL] and I’ll prove it!” Or even, “Hey @TipsyBartender! You think you know good margaritas? You ain’t seen nothing yet! [URL]”

Use hashtags.

By the way, did you see what I did there? I used hashtags. Using hashtags helps your tweets gain visibility when people search for specific keywords — which can translate into more clicks, reads and retweets.

Cushion your shoutouts.

Did you notice that when I tagged @TipsyBartender I didn’t make his Twitter handle the first part of the tweet? Why? Because Gary Vaynerchuk told me not to! When you put someone’s Twitter handle at the front of your tweet, only people who follow you AND the person you tagged will be able to see that tweet. By putting at least one word before the handle tag I’ve now opened it up to be visible to all of my followers!

Keep posting.

I have to agree with another awesome nugget that Mr. Vaynerchuk shared recently: it’s OK to post the same content to Twitter more than once a day. Like our crazy world, Twitter moves fast, people. “It’s appropriate to push something multiple times because the speed and noise creates constant diversity in content.” No, this doesn’t mean tweet the same thing 20 times in 20 minutes. Spread it out throughout the day to hit multiple time zones. I also like to switch it up with different tweets that lead to the same URL.

Share everywhere

Twitter is obviously not the only place to post your links. Share that awesome photo you included in your blog post with a link to the post on any social sites you — and your customers — frequent. Facebook. Pinterest. Linkedin. Instagram. You name it. You might even create a Vine or YouTube video about your post, with a link back to your blog.

If you added yourself to any of those blog groups that I mentioned in my bloggy friends post, you’re probably able to add one or two new links a day to their group forums/feeds. The Ultimate Blog Challenge group I’m part of on Facebook allows members to post a link each day to their daily chain. The only rule is that you have to show some comment love to the two bloggers who posted their links directly above yours. This kind of mutual blog love is a great way to boost your traffic and the traffic of your fellow bloggers!

Comment on similar blogs

Spend some time checking out with other bloggers in your niche are writing about. When you take a few minutes to leave a thoughtful comment, you might get a bonus — the chance to include a link back to one of your posts. In fact, some comment boxes will even show a mini preview of your latest post underneath your comment.

Pitch it

Perhaps you wrote a post that could get you on television, on the radio or even in the newspaper as an expert source. If it’s newsworthy enough, send that post to the media! Keep an eye on local news stories; if you’ve written a post that relates to a current or trending event, send the news desk a brief summary of your post along with a link to it.

Email your post to your list

Of course, fresh blog posts are brilliant fodder for email newsletters. Feature your latest, greatest post in your next email to newsletter subscribers. Yep, the cool kids are getting on the list train and sending out newsletters every time they write a new post, or including links back to posts in their weekly or monthly mailings. It’s easy.

How do you share your blog posts with the world? Please share in the comments!