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You have a great product or line of products, and you want to reach more customers by starting an online store. Maybe you already have a brick-and-mortar business, or maybe your business is exclusively e-commerce. How do you get started?

We’re here to make sure your bases are covered. Every business is different, but there are several things you need to start selling products online:


You’ll need an online storefront (also known as a shopping cart) on which to display images and descriptions of your products. We recommend finding an e-commerce solution that includes features like shipping options and inventory tracking.

Payment methods

Starting an Online StoreYou can use a service like PayPal to collect payments, or you can use an SSL and merchant account to accept credit card payments. Read this article to learn more about SSL certificates.

Prices and promotions

Do some research on the competition and set competitive prices for your products. Actively drive traffic to your storefront. Consider offering promotions and advertise them on other websites or via social media. You can even link a blog to your site to attract more customers.

Professional email

Speaking of promotions, a custom email address is essential to promoting your e-commerce site. Using yourname@yourdomainname.com instead of yourname@gmail.com sets you apart from other businesses and establishes your professional brand.

Are you excited to take the first step and start building your online store? If you get stuck or have questions, remember our support team is available 24/7 to help you out!

Learn about the four types of SSL certificates available.

Wildcard SSL Certificate
Extended Validation SSL Certificate
SAN SSL Certificate
Organization Validation SSL Certificate

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Genevieve Tuenge
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