WordPress 3.9: What’s new, blue, or borrowed?

Here's a hint: mixtapes!

From seamless text editing to streamlined image handling, the newest version of WordPress® is aimed squarely at making editing and publishing in WordPress even easier.

You know what a hassle it can be to format text copied into WordPress from word processors like Microsoft Word®? Not in WordPress 3.9. One series of upgrades looks to improve the handling of text during the editing process. Now, for example, you’re a lot less likely to encounter pesky unexpected markup in the final doc after cutting and pasting from Word. Nice.

You’ll also find working with images in the WordPress 3.9 editor a much smoother process. The improved editor brings even more WYSIWYG experiences to managing photos while creating posts. The editor now showcases Image galleries (as opposed to only showing a placeholder, as in previous versions of WordPress), and you can handle key features such as scaling, rotation and cropping in a streamlined fashion.

All in all, WordPress 3.9 takes a solid approach to streamlining a number of key areas of the overall WordPress experience, and is a breeze to upgrade.

Want to learn more? Join our Google+™ hangout to discuss the recent changes for WP Version 3.9 at 1 p.m. (PT)/4 p.m. ET on Monday, May 19. With Media Temple’s WordPress Evangelist, Suzette Franck, Kurt Payne and Felix Gorodishter from GoDaddy will chat about the changes and answer your questions live on air. If you’re interested in joining the conversation and hearing what Kurt, Felix and Suzette have to say, you can RSVP here. Hope you can join us!

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