WordPress news recap for June 2018

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WordCamp Europe 2018 was a hit

What a month it has been for WordPress! WordCamp EU got it all kicked off, and Gutenberg’s launch dates were a major focus.

However we can’t let that overshadow a new WordPress website with only 7KB of resources; A.I. helping customers find the right products to buy in WordPress eCommerce shops; a tweet story from Sucuri; WPBeginner celebrating a birthday; and lots more.

Let’s get into it.

WordPress news

New “Create a Blog” page in the works for WordPress.org

WordPress.org design teams have established wireframes for a new page on WordPress.org. It’s a content page, explaining what a blog is, how it is created, and showcases examples of some awesome blogs.

Call for volunteers to help create Contributor Drive documents

Angela Jin has been tasked with creating documents that explain how to run WordPress Contributor Drives. You can add to this document if you have relevant experience. From the contributor project: “The goal is to create a how-to resource which hopefully will make organising contributor drives an easier process for everyone involved.”

What even is Gutenberg?

For those of us who let news go in one ear and out the other, Envato explains in layman’s terms what Gutenberg is and what it does for us average WordPress users.

WPBeginner turns 9

Founder Syed Balki explains his plugin progress, ownership of a Wells Fargo property, and how his YouTube Channels have grown to over 2M subscribers.

How AI is Transforming WordPress, and where you can find WordPress AI

Useful AI plugins for WordPress can now do things like guide your eCommerce customers to products they’ll like or answer chat support questions when you’re offline. Excerpt: “Whether you’re on Team Zuckerberg and support this futuristic technology, or you’re on Team Musk and want to ban killer robots, artificial intelligence has already crept into the world of web development. In fact, there are many WordPress plugins that are using artificial intelligence.”

WordPress plugin & theme news

Plugin Detective wins $3000 at WordCamp Orange County

A new WordPress plugin explains which plugin is causing your site to break. This is huge for troubleshooting and finding the source of a problem. Excerpt: “After the location is identified, users inform Detective Otto which plugins are required for the site to function properly. Interrogations is the act of of disabling and enabling plugins. Multiple interrogation attempts are made until the culprit is identified through the process of elimination.”

WP Rig theme released

WP Rig, created by Morten Rand-Hendrickson, is a super-sleek starter theme for WordPress developers. This theme uses cutting-edge features like Babel, CSSNext, and ESLint, so developers don’t have to manually add them in.

10 best WordPress themes for sports clubs & organizations

Are you a coach, assistant coach, or overzealous parent looking to get your team online? Envato has rounded up the best themes you can use, and all are both beginner friendly and 100% mobile friendly. Excerpt: “Sports is something that touches millions of people around the world. And a good website is key to that.”

Community news

WordCamp Europe breaks records

WordCamp Europe was a huge success with over 2,000 attendees and a record-setting 529 Contributor Day participants. Missed the experience? Check out this recap video.

Jack lenox Launches SustyWP: Sustainability + WordPress

A software engineer at Automattic has figured out how to launch a WordPress website with only 7 KB of page load. Obviously, the site crushes speed tests, and this makes us wonder how his methods would work on larger, more feature-rich sites. The full blog post explains why he did it.

How to craft the perfect web developer resumé

Is your resumé holding you back from the perfect job? This quick read explains what to include, and more importantly, the ordering and what not to include.

Why we should teach what we learn (in WordPress)

It is so important for the growth of any software for the learners to become the teachers. Joe Casabono explains the importance of “laying breadcrumbs” for the beginners who come after us.

WordPress business news

Automatic Acquires Atavist, A publishing and story-telling platform

WordPress parent company Automattic has acquired yet another high caliber firm; this time it is Atavist, a story telling platform with CMS capabilities WordPress plans to use for it’s long reads feature. The amount is undisclosed. Wall Street Journal already on the coverage reports that of Atavists 200,000 users, only a small fraction pay for it’s services. Hosting, anyone?

A CEO’s view on the future of the WordPress economy

Joshua Strebel of Pagely likes the way things are going for WordPress. The WordPress economy and ecosystem are clearly maturing, and while some segments shrink, a dominant group of shops are experiencing growth.

From around the web

How an Uber ride turned into a WordPress training session

Sucuri‘s Val Vesa got into an Uber on the way back from WCEU and found himself in a 30+ minute chat about WordPress. His driver had recently installed the software, and he helped her understand how to use eCommerce right then and there. He shares the story on Twitter.

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Well, that’s another roundup in the books! We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of WordPress news from June 2018.