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Add or remove Poynt Smart Terminal users

Managing users on your Poynt Smart Terminal is easy. You can add or remove them from Business Settings. There’s no limit to how many users you can have. Here's how to get it done.

  1. Sign in to your Smart Terminal using an account with Owner permissions.
  2. Tap Settings on the second page of the Smart Terminal home screen.
  3. Select Business Settings.
  4. Next to Business Users, select Add.
  5. Enter the Username, First Name, and Last Name for the new user.
  6. Under User role, select Employee, Manager or Owner.

    Note: Managers and Owners can void and refund transactions. Owners can also issue non-reference refunds, which are not linked to a specific transaction.

  7. Enter a six-digit, number-only Passcode for the user to sign on to the device. Avoid choosing a common passcode (for example, 123456).

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