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Best ways to build your subscribers

The way you build your subscribers list is crucial to how successful your email campaigns will be. While it may look good to have a large subscribers list, it won't do you any good if your beautifully designed campaigns are being deleted, or worse, marked as spam! However, if you build your subscribers list the right way to begin with, you'll find that the time and creativity you pour into your campaigns will pay off.

This video is lesson 3 of the How-To series for Getting Started with Email Marketing.

1. Make sure everyone on your list wants to be there

This may seem like a weird or obvious place to start, but think about it for a bit. If you receive an email about a service or product you're not interested in, haven't heard of, or haven't purchased in years, then you're likely to just delete it or flag it as spam!

2. Have them sign up to be on your list

The sure-fire way to be certain someone wants to receive email campaigns from you is if they asked to be there. Make sure they are clearly agreeing to receive marketing emails from you.

If you have a booth at an event, you might want to put out a signup sheet for people who are interested, or put out contact request cards in your store for people to fill out and return to you.

On your website, add ways for people to sign up as email subscribers using a Subscribe section and a Contact Us section. Or add them manually one at a time or import a spreadsheet.

Note: You can’t send marketing emails to a list of email addresses you get from yourself (such as a list of clients), a friend, a Facebook group, or any other source unless they’ve checked a box agreeing to receive marketing emails from you.

Also ask people to sign up to your email list from customer referrals, social media or videos, by having people come visit your site.

3. Check in with recent customers

You can send marketing emails to all customers who have agreed to be on your email list. Otherwise, you’ll need to check in with them individually.

If someone has purchased a product from you recently, like in the last 30 days, then it might be a good idea to follow up with them. After all, they know who you are, they've clearly shown interest in your product or service, and a little reminder or incentive like a coupon might make a repeat customer.

However, if it's been longer than a few months, then people might not remember where they purchased their product or service or wonder why they are suddenly receiving emails from you after all this time.

Using these methods, your list will grow naturally and you'll have better results from your mailings. Also, you’ll have built a great reputation for treating people's information with respect.

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