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Change my number

Note: This article is for customers looking to replace their current SmartLine phone number, if you're looking to update the contact phone number on your website, please see Change my site profile for more information.

There are many reasons for changing your SmartLine number. Before you do, learn about the process of getting a replacement phone number through our Customer Support team.

Your current plan will be cancelled

Before you get a new number, we'll cancel your old plan so you don't get charged for two numbers. After we cancel your number, all your texts and call activity from that number won’t be accessible. Any contacts you added or saved through SmartLine will be available because they're saved to your phone.

You will get a new SmartLine plan

To get a new number, we'll need to set you up on a new SmartLine plan. Your billing date will be set to the start of your new plan.

When you're ready to get your new number, please contact our Support team at (480) 505-8877.

Note: If you bought your subscription via in-app purchase, you will need to wait until your current service expires before purchasing a new plan.

More info

Now that you have your new number, you'll want to get your SmartLine settings back to the way you had them before.

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