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Change the Poynt Smart Terminal passcode

Change your passcode whenever you need, such as for security reasons, or reset it if you forget it. As an owner, change manager or employee passcodes directly on the Poynt Smart Terminal. To change an owner passcode, start the process on the Poynt Smart Terminal, then an email will be sent to the owner to complete the request.

  1. Tap your username in the upper right corner of the Poynt Smart Terminal screen.
  2. Under Select User, tap the username you’re changing the passcode for.
  3. Tap Reset Passcode.
  4. Either tap Log in as Owner or tap Notify Owner.
    • Log in as Owner: Enter the owner passcode. Enter the new passcode then tap Return. Confirm the new passcode by entering it again, then tap Return again.
    • Notify owner: The owner will receive an email with the subject Request to reset terminal PIN. Follow the instructions in the email to reset the passcode.

Note: An owner’s passcode can only be reset by email.

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