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Check your account status

Once you sign up for GoDaddy Payments, you can check your account status by signing in to your Payments Hub home page and reviewing alerts displayed there. You’ll also receive periodic email messages indicating, for example, that your account has been approved, additional documentation is needed, or that you need to link a bank account.

Determine your account status

  1. Sign in to your Payments Hub (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Beneath the page header, look for a message or banner alert.

  3. What you see on the page How it relates to your account status
    The Payments Hub displays as expected. You are connected to GoDaddy Payments and can start receiving payments.
    "You do not have a GoDaddy Payments account." You haven't signed up for GoDaddy Payments.
    "We're getting you ready to take payments. Hang tight for now and check back soon!" You've been approved as a GoDaddy Payments merchant, but your account is still being created.
    "To receive money from sales into your bank account, you need to link your bank account." Your GoDaddy Payments account is approved and created, but a bank account hasn't been linked to it yet.
    "Your use of Payments has been restricted, per our risk policy. You should have received an email with more information." You will have limited use of your GoDaddy Payments account. This usually means we need more information or documentation from you. Check your email for further details.
    "We will let you know when your device ships. We will only charge your card when device ships." If you purchased a Point of Sale device while approval of your GoDaddy Payments account was still pending, your card won’t be charged until the device ships (usually in 1 business day after account approval).

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