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Clear a suspended payout

A suspended payout is a transaction or collection of transactions that have been flagged and aren't included in your current payout. We periodically review your transactions to keep you safe from fraud and scams.

You can find info about your suspended payments in the Payments Hub or through the mobile app. To see if you have any suspended payouts go to your payouts section:

  • Payments Hub: Sign in to your Payments Hub (use your GoDaddy username and password). Any suspended payments will appear under Payouts.
  • Mobile App: Tap Payments > Overview. Under Upcoming Transfers, any suspended payments will appear here.

Suspended payouts aren't included in your daily payout to your bank account until they've been reviewed. Our risk analysts review all flagged transactions daily. Upon review, they'll either:

  • Clear the transactions and release the funds by 5:00 PM Pacific Time (no action is needed from you).
  • Email you about the flagged transaction(s) and ask for more details to verify the transaction. Generally, cardholder information and proof of sale documents are enough to clear transactions. We typically complete the review within 1-2 business days after receiving your documents.

Once a transaction is verified, it'll be included in the next scheduled payout.

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