Create a server

You can create multiple servers in your Cloud Server account, each of which has its own configuration independent of your other servers.

  1. In Cloud Servers, click Create Server.
  2. Complete the following sections, and then click Finish:
    Option Description
    Choose a Size Select the size of server you want to use. For more information about how the billing of different sizes works, see How am I billed?
    Choose an Image Select if you want to use on of our pre-built Base Images, or Snapshots or Backups from your account.
    Security Info Enter a Username for the server.

    If you want to connect with an SSH key pair, you need to create a key (Windows / Mac OS X), click Connect through SSH instead, and then select the Key you want to use.

    Otherwise, enter a Password.
    Dynamic IP addresses Select any Dynamic IP Addresses you want to attach to this server. For more information, see What are public, private, and dynamic IP addresses?
    Other Options Select if you want to use Automated backups or Add boot script.

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