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Poynt Smart Terminal Help

Create an order on the Poynt Smart Terminal

Once you’ve set up your Poynt Smart Terminal and added products to your store catalog, you’re ready to start creating and processing orders. Orders are created in the Register app and customers have multiple ways that they can pay.

Note: You won’t be able to create orders in the Register app until you create and assign a product catalog to your Poynt Smart Terminal.

  1. If you haven’t already, create a product catalog for your Poynt Smart Terminal and add products to it.
  2. From your Poynt Smart Terminal home screen, tap Register.
  3. Tap an item displayed in the catalog to add it to the order or tap tap back Back to remove an item.
  4. Tap More to customize or add other features to the order:
    • Tax off: Remove the tax from the order.
    • Custom item: Add an item with a customized amount.
    • Disc: Add a preset or custom discount.
    • Save order: Save your order to complete the checkout process later.
    • Fees: Add any extra fees.
    • Notes: Add any notes to your order, e.g., extra cheese.
    • Open Drawer: Opens your register accessory if applicable. 
    • Scan Barcode: Scan an item barcode using the Poynt Smart Terminal’s front camera.
  5. Tap Order Details to edit or review the order.
  6. Tap Cash or Charge to use one of the following payment methods:
    • Credit card
    • Manual entry
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Another type of transaction

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