Downloading Your Premium WordPress Theme

GoDaddy has teamed up with Template Monster to offer our customers premium WordPress® themes at a great price.

Getting your theme is easy:

  1. Purchase the theme promocode from GoDaddy Hosting Connections. For more information, see Purchasing Premium WordPress Templates.
  2. Select a theme and receive it using your promocode.
  3. Download the ZIP file containing your theme from the email Template Monster sends you.
  4. Install your new theme. For more information, see Installing and Activating Your Premium WordPress Theme.

To Download Your Premium WordPress Theme

  1. Purchase your promocode from us. We will email it to the email address associated with your account.
  2. Go to
  3. Click View for any of the themes to see a preview of it.
  4. Once you find a theme you want, complete the following fields, and then click Download Theme:
    • Full Name — Enter your full name.
    • Email — Enter the email address that you want to receive the download link for your theme.
    • Promocode — Enter the promocode we emailed you.
    • (Optional) Domain name — Enter the domain name you want to use with the theme.
  5. Open the email you received from, and then click the link beginning with
  6. Click Download template XXXX where XXXX is the template number you chose.

Your Web browser downloads the ZIP file containing the files for your theme.

To install your theme, see Installing and Activating Your Premium WordPress Theme.

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