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Finding Your Email Settings With the Email Setup Center

The Email Setup Center is a one-page view of your account settings and helpful links to get started with your Web-Based Email. These settings help set up your device to work with Web-Based Email.

The settings you need to set up email on your tablet or mobile device (iPhone®, iPad® Android®) or your computer (Microsoft Outlook®, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird®) might be different depending on which type of email account you have and where you purchased your email plan.

To Find Your Settings

  1. Go to the Email Setup Center and log in with your email address and password. (Alternatively, you can also access the Email Setup Center From Web-Based Email. Just go to Tools and click Email Setup Center.)
  2. Under Email Server Settings make a note of your Incoming and Outgoing Servers as well as the ports to use.

    If you only see a POP3 Incoming server, your email plan does not support IMAP. If you would like to upgrade your email plan, see

  3. Continue with the documentation below to set up your email client:

    Outlook 2007: Setting Up Workspace Email

    Outlook 2010: Setting up Workspace Email

    iPhone: Setting up Workspace Email

    Android: Setting Up Workspace Email

    Using a BlackBerry with Your Email

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