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GetFound has moved to Digital Marketing Suite

GetFound has moved to Digital Marketing Suite! We get that change can be hard, but in this case, there's plenty to be excited about. Digital Marketing Suite has the tools to make sure your customers stay connected and engaged with your business.

  • Set up and maintain your listings on Google Maps and Yelp.
  • Connect to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter--and make social updates to all from one location.
  • Manage your customer list and keep them engaged with marketing emails.

Watch the Digital Marketing Suite How-To video course to learn more about digital marketing in general, and how to use the tool.

We're here to help with any questions and to make sure your site keeps running smoothly.

For more info on the move, select a question to see its answer:

What happened to my listings when Get Found was cancelled?

When GetFound was cancelled, you can no longer create and edit listings from the Get Found Dashboard.

Published business listings will remain active and published on the listing sites (Google, Yelp, etc.).

You may claim and manage your information directly on these listing sites or use another product like Digital Marketing Suite to centralize management of the business’ online presence.

Locu Places Pages are individual landing pages created by GoDaddy. These pages act as an additional footprint for your business presence that shows up in some search results. When Get Found is cancelled, we will take down and deactivate your Locu Place Page. Eventually all mention of these pages will be removed from search results going forward.

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How do I claim my listings?

Each local listing site has their own claiming process.

Digital Marketing Suite and Websites + Marketing lets you claim and manage your listings on Yelp and Google from one centralized dashboard. In the dashboard, you also manage your reviews, create and post content and monitor your performance online.

If you wish to manage your listings individually, here how to add or claim your listing on each of these sites:

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How do I connect my listings to Digital Marketing Suite?

Once you’re set up with Digital Marketing Suite, connect your business listings and social media. Even Facebook will list your business hours.

Then you can create and post content, respond to reviews, update your business info and monitor your performance from one centralized dashboard.

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How do I manage my menus on listing sites?

When Get Found is cancelled you’ll need to claim your listings to manage your menus. Either claim your listings directly on their site or claim them on Digital Marketing Suite.

Once you have claimed your listing, link to your website menu page, remove the menu from the listing or manage your menu through a third-party menu management platform.

Download your menu or price list as a PDF, then add it to your website.

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