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Installing Workspace Desktop Tools

Workspace Desktop Tools is a downloadable tool that lets you access several Workspace applications from the system tray of your computer. Compatible operating systems are Microsoft® Windows 7 or later, and Apple® Macintosh OS 10.5 or later.

Workspace Desktop Tools give you this robust functionality, including:

  • Email Notifier — See alerts on your desktop when you receive new messages.
  • Email: Default Client — Open Web-Based Email to compose email when clicking on email links.
  • Calendar Alerts — Get reminders right on your desktop for meetings and tasks.
  • Calendar Synchronization — (Not available on Mac®) Synchronize your Workspace Calendars with Microsoft Outlook®.
  • Online Storage Backup and Sync Folders — Create file backups and customize sync folders to transfer files between your computer and your online storage.
  • Online Storage Drive Map — Map a drive directly to your online storage to more easily access all your files.

To Install Workspace Desktop Using Workspace Email or Online Storage

  1. Log in to Workspace Email or Online Storage.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Notifier.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Follow the prompts through the installation wizard.

To Install Workspace Desktop Using Calendar

This feature is not available on Mac®.

  1. Log in to Calendar.
  2. Go to the upper-right corner of your screen, and then click the Desktop Tools link.
  3. Click Install Now.
  4. Follow the prompts through the installation wizard.

After you install Workspace Desktop Tools, you can add your Workspace Email, Calendar, or Online Storage accounts.

Mac users may want to visit OS X: About Gatekeeper for security settings and guidance on installation.

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