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Local County and City Fees

Learn more about the Local Taxes and Fees you might find on your SmartLine receipt.

Baseball District Tax

The Baseball District Tax was created for the purpose of assisting in the development of a professional baseball park in Wisconsin.

Business and Occupation Tax

The Business and Occupation Tax is a tax that is normally based upon having a business, occupation, or residence within the taxing authority's geopolitical boundaries.

Crime Control District Tax

The Crime Control District Tax is a sales tax imposed to support a local crime control district in the state of Texas. This sales tax can be imposed at up to 0.5%.

District Tax

District taxes are taxes associated with a particular district. Typically, this is a school district but it can also apply to many other types of districts.

Emergency Services District Tax

Emergency Services District Tax is imposed by an emergency services district established by voters and used to fund the district.

Football District Tax

The Football District Tax was created for the purpose of assisting and funding the development of professional football stadium facilities.

License Tax

The License Tax is based upon carrying a license to provide telecommunications services to the community.

Municipal Right of Way

Municipal Right of Way is a tax imposed upon local exchange telephone services to cover the municipal cost in managing and maintaining municipal rights-of-way. Typically, these charges are accessed through a per line fee. This tax type is specific to charges imposed upon customers of local exchange services.


New York Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (NY MCTD) imposed surcharge based on the taxable telephone services subject to the NY 186e excise tax on telecommunications and said services have occurred solely within the specific NY counties that comprise the NY MCTD.

San Leandro Emergency Communications System Access Tax

The San Leandro Emergency Communications System Access Tax funds such general fund services included, but not limited to, police, fire and emergency services.

Use Tax

The Use Tax applies to the use, consumption, or storage of tangible property and usually assessed at the same rate as the sales tax of the applicable jurisdiction.

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