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Pair the GoDaddy app with the Poynt Card Reader

Step 2 of the Poynt Card Reader get started series

After you’ve charged up your Poynt Card Reader, sync it with your GoDaddy Payments account on the GoDaddy mobile app. Once they’re connected, you’ll be able to process credit card payments anywhere you bring your phone.

  1. Download the Godaddy app. (Sign in with your GoDaddy username and password.)
  2. Tap Payments, then tap Set Up Card Reader.
  3. Tap Set It Up near the bottom of the screen.
  4. The app will search for available Bluetooth devices. Tap your Poynt Card Reader when it appears in the list. (Poynt Card Reader not appearing? Check out our troubleshooting tips for help.)

    Note: If your phone’s Bluetooth is turned off, you’ll see a message directing you to turn it on. Tap Open Settings, then Allow to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and find the Poynt Card Reader.

  5. Tap Pair to connect the GoDaddy app with the Poynt Card Reader.
  6. When you’re asked for a PIN, enter the BT Passkey that’s printed on your Poynt Card Reader. Tap Pair to complete the connection.
    BT Passkey placement on the device
  7. Your Poynt Card Reader is now synced to the GoDaddy app! Tap Start Selling to return to the keypad screen.