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Permissions required to pair Poynt Card Reader with GoDaddy mobile app

When you pair your Poynt Card Reader to the GoDaddy mobile app, you will be prompted to allow certain permissions on your mobile device. The permissions required vary depending on your device.

Permission required Here's why Here’s how
Bluetooth Mobile apps request Bluetooth access to perform Bluetooth-based communications, such as requesting a connection, accepting a connection, or transferring data. To pair your Poynt Card Reader with the GoDaddy mobile app, the app must search for your Poynt Card Reader using Bluetooth.
  1. Begin the pairing process.
  2. When prompted to allow Bluetooth access, tap OK.
    Allow Bluetooth

    If you’ve previously denied Bluetooth access, you’ll be prompted to select Open Settings, then switch the Bluetooth toggle to On.

    Bluetooth toggle set to On