Poynt Smart Terminal Help

Poynt Smart Terminal safety and handling info

You can help ensure your safety and prolong the life of your Poynt Smart Terminal by following these safety and handling instructions.

Warning: Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock, or other injuries, or damage to your Poynt Smart Terminal or other property. Read all safety information below before using your Poynt Smart Terminal.

Daily use

Set your Poynt Smart Terminal on a stable work surface that allows for adequate air circulation under and around the device. The Poynt Smart Terminal can be damaged if dropped, punctured, or crushed, or if it gets wet. Don’t use a damaged Poynt Smart Terminal, as doing so may cause injury.

Caution: The Poynt Smart Terminal has a built-in thermal printer that will generate heat during operation. The Hot Surface label is located inside the printer door. Refrain from touching this area and the surrounding area until it has cooled.

Keep it dry!

Keep your Poynt Smart Terminal away from sources of liquid, such as drinks, sinks, and so on. Protect your Poynt Smart Terminal from dampness or wet weather, such as rain, snow, and fog. Learn how to properly clean and disinfect your Smart Terminal if it gets dirty.

Repair guidelines

Your Poynt Smart Terminal doesn’t have any user-serviceable parts. Do not open or disassemble or attempt to repair it or replace any components, as doing so may damage your Poynt Smart Terminal. If your Poynt Smart Terminal needs service, is damaged, malfunctions, or comes in contact with liquid, learn what to do to repair your Poynt Smart Terminal.

Failure to follow instructions and properly set up, use, and care for this product can increase the risk of serious injury or damage to the device or devices.

Using the power adapter

Use only the approved power supply that is provided with the Poynt Smart Terminal. Using an unapproved power adapter may cause damage to the device or risk of fire. To operate the power adapter safely and reduce the possibility of heat-related injury or damage, plug the power adapter directly into a power outlet. Do not use the power adapter in wet locations or handle the power adapter with wet hands. If debris gets onto the power port, remove it gently with a dry cotton swab.

Disconnect the power adapter and any cables if any of the following conditions exists:

  • The power cord or plug becomes frayed or otherwise damaged.
  • The power adapter is exposed to rain, excessive moisture, or liquid spilled into the case.
  • The power adapter has been dropped, the case has been damaged, or you suspect that service or repair is required.

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