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Premium site maintenance tools in the Hub

The Hub by GoDaddy Pro has several premium features that are free to all users but will eventually require a fee. Some premium features will downgrade to their free versions (Security Check, Performance Check and Backups), or deactivate (Uptime Monitor).

What premium features are currently free?

  • Automated Security Check: An upgrade to the free Security Check within The Hub that allows you to schedule checks on a daily or weekly basis. You can also get an email notification if the tool finds something out of the ordinary. The free version includes on-demand scans.
  • Automated Performance Check: The differences between the premium and free versions are essentially the same as the Security Check, but with a focus on improving the performance of your site. The free version allows on-demand checks.
  • Backups: The premium version can be set up to run every week, day, 12 hours, or 6. hours. It also allows you to download the backup to your computer. The free version includes monthly backups.
  • Uptime Monitor: The premium version constantly monitors your site and lets you know when it goes down. You can choose between HTTP and keyword monitoring, and even customize the monitoring interval, from 1 minute up to 15 minutes.

How long will the premium tools be available for free?

There isn’t a set date when the premium features will no longer be free. The change will happen after we roll out the new Site Maintenance pack that includes all of the premium tools. Stay tuned!

Once the Site maintenance Pack is released, what will happen to the premium tools I’m using?

We’ll notify you about the release and then there will be a grace period before any charges are made. Once the grace period expires, if you decide not to subscribe to a site maintenance pack, the premium tools will simply downgrade to the free version (Security Check, Performance Check, Backup), or deactivate (Uptime Monitor).

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