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Redeem a voucher online

Customers can redeem vouchers online during checkout.

Required: PDF Product Vouchers is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.
  1. Add a product to the cart.
  2. Select the Cart or Checkout page.
  3. Enter the voucher code in the Coupon Code field.
  4. Select Apply Coupon.

For single-purpose vouchers, the products in the cart will be checked to see if they’re redeemable for that voucher. If the cart includes at least one redeemable product, then the voucher is applied to the highest-priced item eligible for redemption. This discounts 100% of the item’s price, regardless of the voucher value.

The voucher value is applied before taxes are calculated, so taxes are assessed on the subtotal after the voucher is deducted.

For multi-purpose vouchers, the cart total will be offset by the voucher value. If only part of the voucher’s value is used, it is considered partially redeemed and can be used again at a later date.

The voucher value is applied after taxes are calculated, so taxes are assessed on the subtotal before the voucher is deducted.

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