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Sending Files with Public Links in Online Storage

Online Storage lets you create Public Links to share your files and folders through downloadable links.

To Send Files or Folders with Public Links

  1. Log in to Online Storage.
  2. Locate and select the files or folders you want to share.

    Note: To select multiple files, press and hold the CTRL or CMD key, and then click the individual file names you want to select.

  3. Click the arrow to the right of the file, and then select Public Link.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select the method you want to share the file. You can copy, email, Facebook, or tweet the public link.
  6. If you choose to email the public link, complete the following:
    Enter the email addresses of the Public Link recipients.
    Enter a subject line for the email message.
    Enter any comments that you want to include in the email message.
  7. Click OK.

Online Storage emails the recipient a Public Link to download the file.

To remove a Public Link, right-click the file or folder, select Manage Public Link, click Remove Public Link, and then click Yes.

If you hover over the Public Link icon, the creation date and the number of downloads of the Public Link displays. The Public Link's URL displays when you click the icon.

Note: To password protect a file, add a password when the public link box opens and then click Apply.

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